Live Production Lead

Media · Grand Rapids, Michigan
Department Media
Employment Type Part-Time
Compensation $20/hour

Live Production Lead

Team Member Description

Part-Time, Non-Exempt Employee

Application Deadline

Please apply no later than Friday, January 8, 2021.

Purpose Statement

To proclaim the gospel as a member of the Media Team by overseeing all aspects of live production.


At Cascade Fellowship, the staff team, council, and membership are all committed to “Love God, love people, and make disciples wherever we go.” That mission is interwoven into every aspect of our ministry, and we see this role as a valuable part in achieving the mission and vision that God has set before us. The Live Production Lead is a key player on the media and worship teams, overseeing all production aspects of worship services and events. In addition to worshipping online, the Live Production Lead will manage two simultaneous worship venues on Sundays.

Reporting & Teamwork

The Live Production Lead reports directly to the Executive Director of Administration.

This person is a member of the Media Team, as well as a member of the Worship Team.


  • Leads the Production Team
    • Recruiting and training new volunteers to run audio, lighting, and video positions
    • Building community through team meetings, dinners, and other functions
    • Scheduling the service rotation of production teams and delegating tasks appropriately.
    • Touching base with each member of the team individually at least once a month in order to develop and maintain a good working relationship
    • Communicating expectations clearly, holding people accountable, but also inviting and receiving feedback well.
  • Sunday Production
    • Ensuring that all content required for Sunday is produced in a timely manner and to the highest level of quality
    • Overseeing the setup and operation of sound, lights and video, including ProPresenter setup, lighting design, and virtual soundcheck
    • Implementing new stage designs and lighting plots
    • Being available to help in the event of equipment malfunction, volunteer absenteeism or other crisis situation
  • Other Live Production
    • Recruiting and training similar volunteer teams to provide excellent technical support for other ministries as well as filling in when necessary if a volunteer is unavailable
    • Providing whatever technical support is required for the use of our facilities during other events (i.e. weddings, funerals, HOA meetings, etc.),including setup, tear-down, and rehearsal attendance
  • Creative Input as a Member of the Media Team and Worship Team
    • Serving as a valuable member of a team of people who are always looking for ways to do what we do better and with greater effectiveness
    • Attending conferences, meetings, service and training events to help push our ideas forward and avoid stagnation, possibly taking the volunteer production teams along to these events
    • Attending and participating in regular media team and worship team meetings
    • Coordinating with other media team members to ensure excellence and standardization across all aspects of media ministry, including web design, email blasts, text messaging, print design, etc.
  • Equipment Installation/Maintenance
    • Ensuring that we are good stewards in our substantial investment in technology
    • Tasks will include installation of new equipment, re-lamping, cleaning of intelligent lights, backup of computers, update of computers, etc.

Skills & Qualifications

  1. Deep commitment to Jesus Christ and the ministry of the church
  2. Must be available to work weekends (Sundays and special events) and an average of two evenings (for rehearsals) each week.
  3. Excellent communication ability, including the ability to write clearly and accurately in a concise and user-friendly way
  4. 3-4 years experience preferred with production software and equipment such as:  audio engineering and digital sound consoles (Digico boards), Adobe Creative Suite, Logic Pro X (or other equivalent audio/video software), Waves SoundGrid, intelligent lighting control software, ProPresenter presentation software, live video switching (Black Magic ATEM ), and cinema cameras.
  5. An empathic leader who loves nurturing, shepherding, and mentoring others, empowering them to fulfill God’s calling in their lives (Eph. 3:11-13)
  6. A prayerful Christ-follower who is teachable and attentive to God’s leading
  7. A humble and caring team player who has a heart to encourage others in their walk with Jesus
  8. An organized and reliable leader who creates thriving teams by delegating well and celebrating others’ wins easily
  9. A self-motivated hard worker who is devoted to excellence and always looking for ways to learn, grow, and improve

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